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Top 10 Tips Before Switching to LED Lighting

From: The default source 2013-02-19

1. LEDs don't come cheap but save a lot of money in the long run. So instead of investing in LED light system for every nook and corner in your double-storey home, the first step is to make a check-list of areas that will benefit the most from efficient lighting.
2. When fitting homes with LEDs for the first time, it is suggested to initially replace light fixtures at porches, bathrooms, kitchens and other hard-to-reach or dark enclosed areas where you wouldn't normally want to change bulbs often.
3. As a general rule of thumb, choose warmer LED lighting systems for indoors and whiter lights for outdoors. A color temperature of 2500-4000 Kelvin is perfect for the interiors while bulbs with color temperatures of 5000-7000 Kelvin render high visibility outside your home.

4. LED lighting systems are a great choice for under cabinet lighting. With a simple 1.3 watt illumination per foot, your counter space will look five times brighter and the rest of the room will glow with an even tone.
5. The color advantage of LEDs can also be utilized to give splashes of color to shelves as they are an ideal choice for illuminating objects and works of art that are sensitive to UV light.
6. Choose LED lighting systems for rooms that are occupied by pregnant women and young children. According to studies, even small amounts of toxic mercury found in fluorescent bulbs can be highly detrimental to health. Unlike fluorescent bulbs, LED lighting systems do not contain harmful mercury and hence safer for rooms where children run around and play.
7. Areas around your home that requires directional lighting will benefit a lot from LED lighting systems. Since LEDs are directional in nature, they are ideal for track lighting, flood or spotlighting as well as recessed lighting. Go for globe-shaped LED bulbs if you require light dispersed all over the room at wider angles.
8. While LED rope lights provide the right illumination for staircases and dark hallways, LED puck lights are effective for particular areas that need to be spotlighted or accented.
9. Switch to LED lighting systems for rooms that are over-heated by a dozen ordinary flood lights. LEDs give off very less heat and thereby help you in cutting down the costs of your air-conditioning.
10. The safest way to take care of your LED requirements is to entrust the task to an eco-friendly company that has ample expertise in the energy smart industry. Check out those companies that offer Green Lease Management Program (GLMP) as part of the LED lighting systems program, thus allowing you to upgrade your existing facility with no money paid up-front and guaranteed savings.Finally, you have made up your mind to turn your home into an eco-friendly haven by switching over to the green-powered LED lighting systems. Now the only thing that is holding you back is a weird confusion over the areas in your home that will benefit the most from installing efficient LED lighting systems. Well, here are a few tips to keep in mind while choosing LEDs that are just the right balance of affordability and brightness.